I am Mercedes Bravo. Professional Pianist

I use music, art and literature to tell stories, spread ideas, sow changes.

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International pianist

From the moment I have memory there has always been a tingling inside my head that has prompted me to wonder and learn new things, to try to deeply understand what is around but, over all, to connect all these parcels of knowledge within my reach.

Apart from piano, my most enriching schools along these years have been, in one hand, travelling:

The nature, being in open air, reaching new places away from the routine and on my own foot, if posible, make my soul wider; but what truely open the mind is the fact of finding oneself in different contexts and trying to understand them, talking to different people that come from far places and sometimes also from far times, following other traditions…

In the other hand, my love for the literature, especially the poetry, the magic realism and the philosophy. They show the very thin line that sometimes separates the racional, the physical and the spiritual fields.

Curriculum Vitae

Mercedes Bravo was born in Ciudad Real, Spain, in 1999. Although there was always classical music around her, is not until 2011 that she began her regulated studies in piano in her hometown conservatory. From 2017 to 2021 she studied her bachelor in CSMA, in the city of Zaragoza, with the proffessor Miguel Ángel Chavaldas.

During the Autumn semester 2020 she moved to Stockholm as an exchange student in Kungliga musikhögskolan, where she later got a place in order to study her Master programme in Stefan Bojsten’s class.

Along all this period Mercedes was lucky to participate in several courses and masterclasses both in piano solo and chamber music with musicians like Paul Roberts, Claudio Martínez Mehner, Tuija Hakkila, Peter Jablonski, Mats Widlund, F. van der Laar, duo del Valle or Quiroga string quartet.

As a concertist Mercedes have played in different venues in Spain: Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Lugo, Puertollano; and abroad; Stockholm, Sollentuna (Sweden), Albignac (France).

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